Franz Albert Joku and Nicholas Simion Messet

February 25, 2008

Today, several different online medias inform us about two former senior OPM fighters who voluntarily support democratization and development in Papua Province. They are Franz Albert Joku and Nicholas Simion Messet. I don’t know why those two important figures finally decide to support autonomy in Papua. For me, the most significant impact is the tension reduction between Indonesian Military and OPM. Read the rest of this entry »

Kosovo and Papua: Incomparable Case

February 25, 2008

Political analysts, Indonesianists, and observers may have one common tendency on their analysis regarding Indonesia’s position on Kosovo’s Independence. The discouragement from domestic factor of separatism seems take the position as the single factor that prevent Indonesia in accepting Kosovo’s independence. So simple and jump into a misleading conclusion that Indonesia still has unfinished business in keeping Papua as its province. Read the rest of this entry »

A New Papua ?

February 18, 2008

Marcellus Rantetana wrote a very interesting article about development in Papua. Actually I don’t  want to copy paste the article and simply put it here so all element of Free West Papua can read it. However, the link to Jakarta Post is temporary and inthe next day the same link will be filled with another new article, so here the article. Hopefully Jakarta Post will understand and forgive me for such a copyright violation.

A new approach to building a new Papua  

Marcellus Rantetana, Jakarta

Papua Governor Barnabas Suebu is hosting a big meeting of Papua development partners in Jayapura on Feb. 15-21, 2008, with the theme “Coordination and Synchronization for People Driven Development”. The meeting is part of his efforts to coordinate and synchronize donor support for Papua development programs. Read the rest of this entry »

Papuan People’s Assembly under fire ahead of Kalla trip

February 15, 2008

A very important warning from Papuan civil society was sent to the Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP). The warning should be taken seriously in order to improve the democratic atmosphere in Papua. Information regarding Papua’s problems of poverty, health, encvironment, welfare, development and human rights abuses are very significant as inputs to the local government and also Indonesian federal government.

Related Source: RNZI

Hundreds of Papuans have been demonstrating for the dissolution of the Papuan People’s Assembly or MRP. Read the rest of this entry »

Lorentz National Park, Indonesia

February 14, 2008

Lorentz National Park (Source: The Ministry of Forestry, Republic of Indonesia)

Yesterday, when I browsed the internet I have found a very interesting link on Lorentz National Park. Located at 04º00′-5º15’S, 137º14′-138º20’E, Lorentz National Park  is a Unesco World Heritage Site that lies within the Province of Papua, Indonesia, and the administrative districts of Jayawijaya, Paniai, Merauke (Southern Division), Fak-fak, Mimika and Enarotali. It stretches for over 150 kilometers (km), from the central cordillera mountains in the north to the Arafura Sea in the south. Access is by air from Jayapura to Wamena and Timika.

For further reading please follow the link above.

Additional links: Lorentz Park and the Greater Lorentz Lowlands

Freeport Report

February 13, 2008

What is the meaning of a report from Freeport-Mc Moran Copper & Gold Inc about company’s expectation for copper and gold output in 2008 from its new areas of exploration in Grasberg mine. Increase 6% bla..bla.bla, decrease ?% so what? There is so little stories about Freeport contribution to the development of Papuan. The Board of Directors and the Commissioners of Freeport-Mc Moran might think that after they pay royalty, tax and dividends everything will be okay far all parties. They forget one important thing, it is not always about business and money!!! Read the rest of this entry »

Australian Aid Package

February 13, 2008

God helping us in a mysterious way. Aid package from Australian Governement is an indirect help from God. The Foreign Minister Stephen Smith announced the renewed Australian aid package for Indonesia last week. The package, which will be spread out over three years, would mostly benefit resource-rich Papua, where more than 3,000 people from a total population of 2.5 million are infected with HIV/AIDS. Read the rest of this entry »

Degree of Press Freedom in Papua

February 12, 2008

During the era of New Order the degree of press freedom was at a very low level. All Indonesian adult, including in Papua still remember the breidel mechanism to kill a media company; the Governement c.q Ministry of Information could stop a media company licence to publish its product. How about in Papua? It was one of the lowest level. By many reasons Indonesian governement push aside the role of media as a reliable source of information. Reasons such as the media can shape attitudes of people, the media has potential to sway governments particularly in a sensitive issue like separatism, etc, were very efective in udermined the role of media in Indonesian society.

Now, as the freedom of press is guaranteed under the Law Number 40/1999, Indonesian media is one of most liberal in the world. We can find almost everything even the controversial Playboy magazine. Although mdia reporting the development in Papua is growing slowly but the development of online media such as news website and independent blog is unavoidable. We can access information about Papua faster and more open than in the era of Nw Order. Read the rest of this entry »

Papua Issue in Indonesia-UK relation

February 11, 2008

During the years of Indonesia’s undemocratic New Order regime, successive UK Governments from Harold Macmillan then Alec Douglas to John Major then Tony Blair, have supported Generals Suharto who rule Papua from Jakarta. If we ask why did UK Governments gave a strong support to the New Order regime, there were so many explanation and we can start from the Cold War impact to business linkages. If the undemocratic government of New Order got a lot of international support, then we can assume that the support for the new democracy Indonesia will be even stronger and stronger. Now, Gordon Brown administration give a  clear sign of support to Indonesia in managing a democratization and economic development in Papua thorough the current UK Foreign Office Minister with responsibility for the UK’s relations with Indonesia, Meg Munn MP. 

Indonesia which has it first directly elected President in 2004, is a big baby in democratic world, so Indonesia needs an honest support in consolidating democracy power within all community including among Papuan. The special autonomy government is the implementation of the concept of tribal democracy, because Papua will develop its democracy not only adopting Western/modern style, but also by strengthening traditional culture such as the formation of traditional assembly. We all simply can be sure that Papua is on the right track. Back to Indonesia-UK relation, Read the rest of this entry »

Papua Issue in Indonesia-Australia relation

February 11, 2008

Papua issue in Indonesia-Australia relation is a kind of illumination project of political opportunist and separatist leaders who can not see the bright future of Papua under its tribal democracy. Our democratization process is slow but we have faith in the development of our community. We will modernize our society not by letting our traditional culture fade away, but by integrating all aspect of our culture into a peacefull process of development. Yes, we need help and assistance in doing the process. Indonesian federal government is still facing political struggle in Jakarta regarding the right concept for Papua. There are some ideas that invite a pro-con among elites and also grass roots, for example the proposal to split Papua. Indonesian federal government should settle all aspect of conflictual ideas and interests among political elites, so grass root in Papuan can feel that all those ideas are for the benefit of Papuan, not for political interest or parties. We count on our representatives in the People National Representatives Council to support the right development concept for Papua. Back to the issue of Indonesia-Australia relation, Read the rest of this entry »

AIDS Battle in Papua

February 9, 2008

One of the most critical problem in Papua is health, especially the the spread of HIV/AIDS to the population, particularly among prostitutes and their users. Special attention should be taken seriously as the disease has started to spread from prostitutes to housewives, raising fears of an African-style epidemic. Papua’s number of cases per 100,000 people is nearly 20 times the national average, according to a government study published in 2007.Health experts say the disease has been spreading rapidly due to several factors — high rates of promiscuity, rituals in some Papuan tribes where partner swapping takes place, poor education about AIDS and lack of condoms.

Here is the source of the news: ANTARA and Reuters Read the rest of this entry »

Indonesian: Who are we?

February 8, 2008

A very interesting article wrote by Robert Lindsay entitled The Peopling of Indonesia can be used as a first step to further understand the diversity of Indonesia. What I am interested is that, Robert also mentioned about Melanesian and Papuan in his writing, and I am absolutely agree that the people in Indonesia little studied.

As one of several aproaches in explaining ethnicity in Papua, we can distinguish Melanesians and Papuans, see Figure below which clearly put them in separate groups. Also, Melanesian and Papuan teeth are very different from each other. New Guinean or Papuan are closer to Australian natives of Aborigines. Papuan are different from Pacific Islanders. If we go further into the differences in Papua, we will find a huge various of ethnicity inside. Politically, the idea of tribal democracy is very interesting and now Papuan people walk closely to the formation of tribal democracy by forming organization like traditional assembly. Each ethnic group in Papua has its own tribal/traditional assembly and they can chanelled their interest and needs to the democratic government.  Read the rest of this entry »

Leatherback turtle swims from Indonesia to Oregon in epic journey

February 8, 2008


leatherback turtle
In this photo released by the World Wildlife Fund, a leatherback turtle fitted with a satellite tracking device heads for the sea on July 25, 2003, on a remote beach in Indonesia’s Papua province. Scientists tracked a leatherback turtle that swam from Indonesia to the U.S. in an epic 20,000-kilometer (13,000-mile) journey as it searched for food, research they hope will boost international efforts to save the endangered species. (World Wildlife Fund, N.J.Tangkepayung/AP Photo)

BANGKOK, Thailand – Scientists tracked a leatherback turtle that swam from Indonesia to the United States in an epic 20,000-kilometre journey as it searched for food – research they hope will boost international efforts to save the endangered species. Read the rest of this entry »

Radio Connects Remote Papuan Village

February 8, 2008

Source :

By Marianne Kearney
07 February 2008

A remote village in the central highlands of Indonesia’s Papua province is now better connected to the outside world because of a new radio station. Marianne Kearney has more from Jakarta.

Until three months ago, if tribesman from Yahukimo wanted to get the latest news, they could rely on word of mouth, or make the arduous trek to town, almost 100 kilometers away, to buy a newspaper. Yahukimo had no electricity and no access to radio or TV. Read the rest of this entry »

Australia, Indonesia Boost Anti-Terrorism, Security Cooperation

February 8, 2008

Source :

By Ed Johnson

Feb. 7 (Bloomberg) — Australia and Indonesia agreed to strengthen security ties and boost their fight against international terrorism when foreign ministers Stephen Smith and Hassan Wirajuda met in the western city of Perth today.

They renewed a counterterrorism agreement for a further three years and discussed bringing into force the so-called Lombok Treaty signed in 2006, Smith said in an e-mailed statement. The treaty was ratified by the Indonesian Parliament in November. Read the rest of this entry »

Indonesia, Australia say winning against extremists

February 8, 2008

Source : Reuters 

By Rob Taylor

CANBERRA, Feb 7 (Reuters) – Australia and Indonesia said they were making inroads into combating extremists in Southeast Asia, agreeing on Thursday to step up counter-terrorism efforts and extend security pacts between the two neighbours.

Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda and his new Australian counterpart Stephen Smith met in Western Australia to bring into force a 2006 security treaty which clears the way for training between Australian and Indonesian commandos. Read the rest of this entry »

Nine people missing after ship sinks in eastern Indonesian sea (Papua)

February 8, 2008


Jakarta – Rescue workers were searching for nine people missing after their boat sank off the easternmost Indonesian province of Papua. Eight survivors were rescued in the accident, local media reports said Thursday. Read the rest of this entry »

Kevin Rudd to meet Indonesian foreign minister

February 8, 2008


PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd will meet Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda today as both countries herald a new era in bilateral relations.

Dr Wirajuda was in Perth yesterday for talks with Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith on the day a new security agreement took effect. Read the rest of this entry »

Visit Indonesia Year 2008: Papua

February 7, 2008


Foreign tourists would be interested in visiting Indonesia if they knew the country had a clear concept of ecotourism development. The ecotourism program has moved on time to time including in the Papua province. However the federal government of Indonesia and Papua special autonomy authority should take serious efforts in improving facilities such as choice of transportation, accomodation, tourist guide, tourism information, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

The Rivers and Lakes of Papua

February 7, 2008

For all travelever around the world, a short and tempting information on wild adventure in the peaceful land of Papua can be found at Indonesia Logue.

Virtually all tourists who come to West Papua travel to the Baliem Valley in the highlands. Wamena, the main town, draws tourists who are interested in trekking and in the culture of the local Dani tribes. But there are many other interesting places such as exploring the rivers and lakes of Papua. Read the rest of this entry »