West Papua Drama Queen — West Papua

September 19, 2020

West Papua Drama Queen Veronica Koman, a Chinese Indonesian who used to work helping West Papuan to fight for independence may have thousands scenarios to twist every story about West Papua. 17 more words

West Papua Drama Queen — West Papua

Erratic Behaviour of Veronica Koman — West Papua

September 19, 2020

Erratic behaviour of Veronica Koman In one side, when a person like Veronika Koman Liau (VKL) has mental disorder, we may need to accept that her behaviour will be inconsistent. 19 more words

Erratic Behaviour of Veronica Koman — West Papua

Dishonest twitter campaign on West Papua issue — West Papua

July 31, 2020

Dishonest twitter campaign is not something new. Political campaign using twitter platform is massive in every corner of the world. West Papua Blog calls for fact-checking of political campaign by both pro separatist Papua and pro Indonesia after observing so many fake news, disinformation, deceptive opinion, and misleading claims about what happened in… 400 more…

Dishonest twitter campaign on West Papua issue — West Papua

Veronica Koman: Human Rights Fraud — Red Fire

June 1, 2020

I don’t know who is Veronica Koman, but somehow I sense something fishy about her from news and social media. Luckily I found the following article from Red Fire

Please read the complete article in Red Fire Blog.

Veronica Koman: Human Rights Fraud 07-01-2020 – When leftists hear the term “human rights lawyer”, suspicions are, or should be, immediately raised. “Human rights”, so-called, has been twisted and distorted by the paid and unpaid scribes of Western imperialism into something which no longer corresponds to what these words originally meant in the English language. […]

via Veronica Koman: Human Rights Fraud — Red Fire

West Papuan rights lawyer calls for peaceful dialogue with Jakarta

February 26, 2010

Posted at 05:41 on 25 February, 2010 UTC RNZI

A prominent West Papuan human rights lawyer is using a speaking tour of Australia to promote the need for a peaceful solution to problems in Indonesia’s troubled Papua region. Read the rest of this entry »

Papuan activist Kaisiëpo dies

February 1, 2010

Published on 31 January 2010 – 8:56pm Radio Netherlands

In the Netherlands, Papuan activist VIktor Kaisiëpo has died in his home town of Amersfoort at the age of 61.

Mr Kaisiëpo devoted his life to the right to self-determination of the Indonesian province of Papua, the former Dutch colonial possession. of Dutch New Guinea. He was spokesperson for the West Papua People’s Front, the federation of Papuan organisations in the Netherlands.

Mr Kaisiëpo also lobbied the United Nations to promote the rights of his people as well as the rights of other indiginous peoples. He was born in Dutch New Guinea, but his family left for the Netherlands when the territory was handed over to Indonesia in 1962. Mr Kaisiëpo’s father was also a well-known activist for Papuan independence.

(c) Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Free West Papua separatism is a problem, not a solution

December 11, 2009

This early December 2009, less then 5 papuans and several British citizens gathered in Westminster to demonstrate a small disturbance to the peaceful development of Papua and West Papua provinces.  Read the rest of this entry »

BP Shattered illusions

March 19, 2008

Students stage rallies across Papua in call for referendum on self determination

March 4, 2008

Referendum for Papua was held in the name of Act of Free Choice in 1969. Today some elements of People who live in Papua call for referendum on self determination. Why? Dissatisfction to the condition of Papua, mismanagement of development and political repression are the main cause of such demand. Read the rest of this entry »

Amnesty Exeter Invites Papua’s Separatist Leaders in London

January 28, 2008

January 22nd, 2008 was the first time in the year of 2008 Amnesty Exeter (Exeter Amnesty International Group) invites West Papua  separatist leaders, Mr Benny Wenda & Mr Richard Samuelson. Mr. Benny Wenda who is Papuan gives talk about Human Right Issue in West Papua. He says Human Right violation in West Papua is committed by Indonesia Military toward West Papuan Peoples. Those propaganda was an old stories that Mr. Wenda keep echoing in UK. He also says that there is no freedom at all, and only killing, torture, imprisonment and intimidation. so we need international attention and keep an eye on the West Papuan Peoples. In contrast, the real situation in West Papua Indonesia is far from Mr. Wenda propaganda, that is a new democratic atmosphere is gradually developed. Read the rest of this entry »

Papuans’ Intellectual Freedom

January 25, 2008

From the bottom of my heart I should salut to Mr. Neles Tebay for his objective analysis on the decision of Indonesia’s government to ban a book entitled “The Sinking of the Melanesian race: The Unitary State of Indonesia’s Political Struggle in West Papua”, written by young author Papuan Sendius Wonda which was announced on Dec. 14 last year. Read the rest of this entry »

Shame on Richard Samuelson

January 21, 2008

A tricky opportunist whore Richard Samuelson may look very scary to Indonesian Military, but to Papuan People he is just a puppet master of great men like Sem Karoba and Benny Wenda. Samuelson is nothing and priceless in the eyes of West Papuan People. However, by influencing papuan natives, he might become a threat to the peaceful democracy of Papuan region. Because he maintains conflict among Papuan People for his personal interest.

By supporting and doing black propaganda operation regarding Papua’s Issue, Richard keep telling lies to the world and without hesitate spreading conflict among papuans.

Please inform us about any dirty attempt by Richard, so we all West Papuan can avoid his trap in creating hostile situation in the peaceful land of Papua.

The West Papuans Refugees Ordered to Leave Site

January 21, 2008

What Indonesian government should do is to help west papuan refugees whenever they need help. This is not only an obligation in the view of humanitarian perspective, but  also an opportunity to show the world that the democratic Indonesia is attentive to human rights issue. Hopefully that the diplomatic ties between Indonesia and PNG can solve the problem of West Papuan refugees.

Here is the news: Read the rest of this entry »

The Hardliners on Either Side Need Each Other

December 14, 2007

I just read an enlightened article from Contradiction Blog with title Who supports what? I should congratulate the way the writer put the objective situation in Papua Indonesia.

It seems to me that the writer is a field researcher or activist who really understand that to distinct between different positions in Papua is often obscured. This may be too simple when we talk about the complexity of Papua’s picture. This may be the situation is really that simple and we can ignore the complexity which has been made for 40 years. Read the rest of this entry »