Suharto in Inside Indonesia

February 6, 2008

Most of Western media coverage on Suharto is in a bad tatste. Just like in my previous article titled The Death of Suharto, I would like to add one more comment on a subjective Western perspective. This time I will write a brief comment to an article in one of the most important Foreign Journal on Indonesia, Inside IndonesiaRead the rest of this entry »

The death of Suharto: What next for Papua?

February 2, 2008

Free to mourn or cheer , I quote those from the Economist which just like other Western medias, put the coverage story of former President Suharto in a bad taste. I like the expression of Free to mourn or cheer, and I interpret that as a freedom of expression. Indonesia now is showing such situation, that people can freelly expressing their feeling without fear. As we can see from Indonesian mass media including TV, internet and printed news, that most of Indonesian respect the death and full of forgiveness. That is Indonesian culture and the Western people can not dictate us what should we do. The most unique situation is that the mourning expression was not only in Java, but also in many other places including in the land of Papua (see kabar papua). Read the rest of this entry »