A New Papua ?

February 18, 2008

Marcellus Rantetana wrote a very interesting article about development in Papua. Actually I don’t  want to copy paste the article and simply put it here so all element of Free West Papua can read it. However, the link to Jakarta Post is temporary and inthe next day the same link will be filled with another new article, so here the article. Hopefully Jakarta Post will understand and forgive me for such a copyright violation.

A new approach to building a new Papua  

Marcellus Rantetana, Jakarta

Papua Governor Barnabas Suebu is hosting a big meeting of Papua development partners in Jayapura on Feb. 15-21, 2008, with the theme “Coordination and Synchronization for People Driven Development”. The meeting is part of his efforts to coordinate and synchronize donor support for Papua development programs. Read the rest of this entry »