Asmat Opposes Separatism

Breaking News: Aeroplane Kills Bystander

Investment News: Talisman Energy deal boosts competitive position in LNG market

Breaking News: Indonesian plane hits calf on runway

Call for consultation over Jakarta’s plan to further split Papua

Amnesty Exeter Invites Papua’s Separatist Leaders in London

Papuans’ Intellectual Freedom

The West Papuans Refugees Ordered to Leave Site

Search continues for four missing in deadly Papua landslide

Landslide in Indonesia kills 10

Indonesia allows US congressman to visit Papua

Religious leaders in Indonesia’s Papua province demand halt to development programmes

Breaking News: Interview with Barnabas Suebu

True Hero of West Papua

3 Responses to News

  1. walit says:

    Ko punya website baik, tapi jangan lupa ketidakadilan….

  2. Jeremy says:

    nice blog !

  3. Irdoer says:

    Free Papua Movement is a false dream given by the defeated Dutch in 1949, if we could spend tie to read Dutch East Indies map in 1800s, then we could see that Dutch New Guinea is part of Dutch East Indies, which is now Indonesia.

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