Degree of Press Freedom in Papua

February 12, 2008

During the era of New Order the degree of press freedom was at a very low level. All Indonesian adult, including in Papua still remember the breidel mechanism to kill a media company; the Governement c.q Ministry of Information could stop a media company licence to publish its product. How about in Papua? It was one of the lowest level. By many reasons Indonesian governement push aside the role of media as a reliable source of information. Reasons such as the media can shape attitudes of people, the media has potential to sway governments particularly in a sensitive issue like separatism, etc, were very efective in udermined the role of media in Indonesian society.

Now, as the freedom of press is guaranteed under the Law Number 40/1999, Indonesian media is one of most liberal in the world. We can find almost everything even the controversial Playboy magazine. Although mdia reporting the development in Papua is growing slowly but the development of online media such as news website and independent blog is unavoidable. We can access information about Papua faster and more open than in the era of Nw Order. Read the rest of this entry »