West Papua Drama Queen — West Papua

September 19, 2020

West Papua Drama Queen Veronica Koman, a Chinese Indonesian who used to work helping West Papuan to fight for independence may have thousands scenarios to twist every story about West Papua. 17 more words

West Papua Drama Queen — West Papua

Veronica Koman: Human Rights Fraud — Red Fire

June 1, 2020

I don’t know who is Veronica Koman, but somehow I sense something fishy about her from news and social media. Luckily I found the following article from Red Fire

Please read the complete article in Red Fire Blog.

Veronica Koman: Human Rights Fraud 07-01-2020 – When leftists hear the term “human rights lawyer”, suspicions are, or should be, immediately raised. “Human rights”, so-called, has been twisted and distorted by the paid and unpaid scribes of Western imperialism into something which no longer corresponds to what these words originally meant in the English language. […]

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