Free West Papua separatism is a problem, not a solution

This early December 2009, less then 5 papuans and several British citizens gathered in Westminster to demonstrate a small disturbance to the peaceful development of Papua and West Papua provinces. 

Where greasy opportunism beckons these days, some hopeless Labour MPs rush towards it, and so it was at this opportunistic act. Andrew Smith with his beatific smile praised the event, the organisers, the nice day, Free West Papua, their contributions, probably their pets and well-kept gardens.

British Papuan pretender asylums are only following what other minorities have been doing for a decade. Free West Papua observes politicians sucking up to the Board of Deputies of British Jews and increasingly the Muslim Council of Britain, so there is a chance that they will also sucking up the International Parliamentarians for West Papua (a very provocative political movement to worsen conflict in West Papua).

There are other reasons why we should reject the politics of racial ethnicity by Free West Papua. They are based on the idea that culture stands, or must stay, still. Young people are stifled by such assumptions. Most generation in Papua are Indonesian, however some opportunist are still fighting for their own interest of political and economic power. They even willing to kill human being for their personal interest, and Benny Wenda in UK is one of the best example.

We need agents of change in the transforming of modern Indonesian sensibility, Papuan and other ethnic groups in Indonesia are brothers. Why should ethnic group be directed into ghettoes or ethnic nationalism? This is a game that most politician love to play.

In short, we could see that Free West Papua in Britain is a problem, not a solution. They always provoke conflict from time to time in the peaceful land of Papua.

3 Responses to Free West Papua separatism is a problem, not a solution

  1. Brown says:

    Timor Leste Foreign Minister Ramos Horta said no country in the world, including Timor Leste, would support separatism in the Indnesian provinces of Papua and Aceh.

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