Papua Issue in Indonesia-UK relation

February 11, 2008

During the years of Indonesia’s undemocratic New Order regime, successive UK Governments from Harold Macmillan then Alec Douglas to John Major then Tony Blair, have supported Generals Suharto who rule Papua from Jakarta. If we ask why did UK Governments gave a strong support to the New Order regime, there were so many explanation and we can start from the Cold War impact to business linkages. If the undemocratic government of New Order got a lot of international support, then we can assume that the support for the new democracy Indonesia will be even stronger and stronger. Now, Gordon Brown administration give a  clear sign of support to Indonesia in managing a democratization and economic development in Papua thorough the current UK Foreign Office Minister with responsibility for the UK’s relations with Indonesia, Meg Munn MP. 

Indonesia which has it first directly elected President in 2004, is a big baby in democratic world, so Indonesia needs an honest support in consolidating democracy power within all community including among Papuan. The special autonomy government is the implementation of the concept of tribal democracy, because Papua will develop its democracy not only adopting Western/modern style, but also by strengthening traditional culture such as the formation of traditional assembly. We all simply can be sure that Papua is on the right track. Back to Indonesia-UK relation, Read the rest of this entry »