My Apology

October 25, 2008

Dear Mr. Aspen Hendrickson & Mr.  Rupert Thornhedge

Words cannot express how truly sorry I am for the inconvenience that I caused by writing a careless statement in my previous article entitled  The Cowardice Issue. This is especially saddening because someone in London using your name and I was so emotional by not checking it first with the Special Branch.

I understand from your email that the error was due to the unchecked information. As a result of this issue, and in order to prevent this from happening to you and other United Kingdom Citizen, I will send every suspicious email especially those using unreal name by sending it to the Police in UK. In the meantime, we have checked that the real coward namely Richard Samuelson might have used several false name and report his evil activities in the internet to the UK Police.

We hope that this will be sufficient to correct the error and address any inconvenience this may have caused you.

We would like to thank you for helping me to correct my writing and articles, and very much hope that you will continue to watch and correct my articles whenever it went wrong.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely

The Cowardice Issue

October 22, 2008

Richard Samuelson, Aspen Hendrickson, Rupert Thornhedge or whoever his nickname is not man enough to own his shit. He will not smartly confront my blog with his smears and lies and innuendo. He uses many nicknames in the internet. He  will not come out and talk about the peaceful dialog for the shake of us, he has to be asked. That is why he goes to places like Greece for fancy holidays, so he can be asked. What a coincidence.

Richard  Samuelson, Aspen Hendrickson, or Rupert Thornhedge is the same person a coward.

Richard Samuelson  would rather hide behind his Master Benny Wenda and Maria than say it himself.

Richard Samuelson would rather hide behind many other names than writing a logic argument in his own blog.

He would rather produce 2 to 10 minutes you tube ads that his campaign will never pay to air anywhere, and hope that the tire-swinging media will bring up the topic so he doesn’t have to do it himself.

Richard Samuelson  just wants to throw shit out side and inside the House of Parliament, and “raise questions” about something that he doesn’t even understand, and hope his supporters connect the dots, because he is too much of a coward to directly push this toxic stew. He would rather hide behind dignitaries of UK Parliamentarians, surrogates, and scummy Free West Papua websites staffed with shit.

Richard  Samuelson is a coward.

Asmat festival attracts global visitors

October 18, 2008

A very important event in Papua. Much more important  than a provocative immoral, irresponsible launch of political opportunist meeting in London.

Markus Makur , The Jakarta Post , Sat, 10/18/2008 11:13 AM | The Archipelago

Agat, capital of Papua’s Asmat regency, is famous for its traditional wood carvings which have inspired artists the world over. Each year the Agats diocese organizes the Asmat Art Festival, attracting crowds of visitors to the area.

The local tribe believes that the spirit of the Asmat descendants, rich in art, still lives in the trees as well as along the shores. Read the rest of this entry »

I am saddened and sickened by West Papua separatist supporters

October 11, 2008

Pheew it’s true.

It’s sick how a bunch of liars can look away from truth and so nonchalantly pass off issues that matter just to maintain the glow of their pretending messiah to save West Papua.

It’s sad how Richard Samuelson and friends claim my blog is so negative and isn’t talking issues whence those ignorant people are just skating and avoiding offering any plan themselves, but creating further conflict among Papuan.

It’s sick that Richard Samuelson and friends can want a win by creating more conflict so bad that they don’t care about what the full outcome is going to be.

It’s sad that important people in the House of Parliament in this day and age can be so blind and gobble up the verbal cum of an ignorant liar like Richard Samuelson in the heart of United Kingdom.

It’s sad that in West Papua case, United Kingdom Democracy is so driven by false information from Richard Samuelson and friends about West Papua.

It’s sick and sad that the International Parliamentarians for West Papua will responsible for the perpetuate conflict between the Papuan separatist and Indonesian military, while ordinary Papuan will suffer even more.

It’s sick how arrogant Richard Samuelson is, pushing me to stop writing in my own blog.

It’s sad someone will undoubtedly comment that it is sad and sick I feel this way.

International Parliamentarians for West Papua

October 8, 2008

In July 2008, I received a provocative plan of the launching of  ‘International Parliamentarians for West Papua’ at the Houses of Parliament in London on the 15th of October 2008. Over the past three months, the issues were spreading among us and have been creating severe differences among Papuan local government, Papuan legislative members, Papuan traditional leaders, and Papuan people representatives. Some of us made a report to the central government of Indonesia to tell the serious high potential conflict, some keep silent, some gave support, and some try to be very careful in responding the provocative act by the United Kingdom Parliament/Government. Most of us really don’t care and don’t understand what is going on in London. Do London support our ordinary dream of having a peaceful and better life? Do London support the independence movement of West Papua ? Do London realise what will happen to us after the provocative act in the House of Parliament? Do London understand that such provocative action will not affecting the comfortable daily life in London but will increase the tension in Papua and West Papua provinces?

Read the rest of this entry »

Free West Papua Campaign

October 8, 2008

I feel so sad when an activist of Free West Papua Campaign asked me to stop writing in my own blog because my position is in opposite to the Oxford based Free West Papua Campaign. I also feel sorry for Richard Samuelson attitude because he has been running away from my challenge to explain his position in Free West Papua Campaign. We as papuan are very pleased that there is sincere attention from foreign citizen like Samuelson. However, we should be sure that the  attention will create a better understanding. In contrast to the people expectation, Richard Samuelson is always provoking conflict without even thinking about the consequences. Read the rest of this entry »

UNHCR rejects Papuans’ resettlement plea

October 3, 2008

By PNG correspondent Steve Marshall

ABC News


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says it will not resettle more than 100 Papuan refugees living in Papua New Guinea to Vanuatu.

The Papuan refugees crossed the border into Papua New Guinea many years ago and settled in Port Moresby.

Last year they were evicted from borrowed land have been living in makeshift tents and tarpaulins.

The Papuans have been campaigning to the UNHCR to be resettled in Vanuatu.

However, the UNHCR’s Richard Towle says their plea has been rejected.

“From our point of view, resettlement is really a last resort for the most deserving of the deserving on the basis of protection needs and we don’t think that this group falls within that category,” he said.

The PNG Government would rather the refugees return home across the border to Indonesian-governed Papua.

BHP plan controversial West Papua nickel mine

October 2, 2008

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 29/09/2008
Reporter: Geoff Thompson and Tony Jones

BHP Billiton is on the verge of starting one of the most sensitive mining operations it has ever planned.

TONY JONES: In West Papua, and after evading questions about the project for years, BHP Billiton is on the verge of starting one of the most sensitive mining operations it has ever planned. Gag Island in West Papua holds one of the world’s richest nickel deposits. But it, and the islands around it, are ringed by what UNESCO and many marine scientists believe is the richest and most diverse coral reef system in the world.

Conservationists say BHP’s disastrous environmental record at Papua New Guinea’s Ol Tedi mine should rule out any gamble with Gag Island’s riches. And it’s not just the potential for environmental damage that makes the gag project controversial. The island lies in West Papua, formerly Irian Jaya. The disputed Indonesian province where previous mining concessions like Freeport have become the focus for pro-independence guerrilla attacks and Indonesian human rights abuses. Read the rest of this entry »

Papua cholera outbreak just the tip of the iceberg, says health NGO

October 2, 2008

RNZI Posted at 07:16 on 02 October, 2008 UTC
An international health NGO says the death toll from a cholera epidemic in Indonesia’s Papua has reached an estimated 200.
Medecins du Monde says it has recorded 150 deaths from cholera in the Dogiyai and Paniai districts of Papua since April but estimates the actual toll could be towards the figure of 290 which local church groups are reporting.
The NGO’s medical coordinator, Dr Remco van de Pas, says from their work on the ground in the remote area, around 800 current cases of cholera have been seen although the outbreak is tailing off.
“But it’s basically the tip of the iceberg of several health problems and access to clean water and access to education that you see. I believe that this cholera bacterium is always there. When people are in a lower nutritional state, or they have another disease like HIV/AIDS, then they are more vulnerable to this and this is the case in this area.”
Dr van de Pas says the government responded by sending medical teams although they have arrived late and in many cases haven’t reached affected villages.