Provocative Media Release West Papua 16 April 2009

April 16, 2009

The Australia West Papua Association (Sydney) releases a provocative statement about increasing tensions in West Papua.

AWPA is calling on the Australian Foreign minister to raise the continuing deteriorating situation in West Papua with the Indonesian President and urge him in particular to control the security forces in West Papua as a way of avoiding further escalation of the situation and avoiding possible bloodshed.

Joe Collins (the agent of provocateur) of AWPA said that recent incidents in West Papua including the ambush on Wednesday the 15 April in which a policeman was killed and six others wounded by an unidentified group in Tingginambut in the Puncak Jaya district of West Papua “may have been instigated by third parties out to distrupt the Presidential election as the Indonesian President’s talk of reform is not welcome by all members of the security forces”.

Info Joe Collins
Mob. 04077 857 97

Joe Collins “the agent” is familiar with the situation in Indonesia. That is why he could easily understand about the potential conflict inside Indonesia. If Joe is a sincere person, he will not provoke the situation by adding more easily burn ammo about the possible bloodsheed. Who are the third parties? Is it Australian intelligence? Is it Wiranto’s loyal followers? Is it Prabowo’s para military groups?

Who is Joe Collins ?

Please inform the world if you know even a little piece of information about the game that Joe Collins plays.

Papuan asylum seekers leave Australia and return home to the Province of West Papua Indonesia

September 24, 2008

JAKARTA, Sept 24 – Two of the 43 Papuan asylum seekers at
the heart of a diplomatic rift between Australia and Indonesia
two years ago have returned to their homeland.

The Indonesian government said Hana Gobay, from Merauke in
Papua, and Yubel Kareni, from Serui, returned to Papua this
morning, accompanied by Indonesia’s consul general in Melbourne,
Jahar Gultom. Read the rest of this entry »

Papuans want to return: Jakarta

August 12, 2008

For all Papuans in Europe who want to return to the peace land of Papua, who want to support democracy in Indonesia, who want to bring peace to Papua, who want to develop Papua, who want to contribute positively in finding solution for Papua, please feel free to contact

Sidney Morning Herald

Mark Forbes in Jakarta
August 11, 2008

SOME of the 43 Papuans who sparked a diplomatic crisis by seeking asylum in Australia want to return to Indonesia, according to the Indonesian Foreign Minister, Hassan Wirayuda, who has offered to assist them.

In an exclusive interview before talks today with the Australian Foreign Minister, Stephen Smith, Mr Wirayuda revealed that some of the Papuans had indicated a desire to return, a development that would be “good for both Australia and Indonesia”. The move would be a public relations coup for Jakarta.

He said Australian pleas could help spare the lives of those members of the Bali nine on death row and cautioned the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, not to “rush” his push for an Asia Pacific community. Read the rest of this entry »

Papua Issue in Indonesia-Australia relation

February 11, 2008

Papua issue in Indonesia-Australia relation is a kind of illumination project of political opportunist and separatist leaders who can not see the bright future of Papua under its tribal democracy. Our democratization process is slow but we have faith in the development of our community. We will modernize our society not by letting our traditional culture fade away, but by integrating all aspect of our culture into a peacefull process of development. Yes, we need help and assistance in doing the process. Indonesian federal government is still facing political struggle in Jakarta regarding the right concept for Papua. There are some ideas that invite a pro-con among elites and also grass roots, for example the proposal to split Papua. Indonesian federal government should settle all aspect of conflictual ideas and interests among political elites, so grass root in Papuan can feel that all those ideas are for the benefit of Papuan, not for political interest or parties. We count on our representatives in the People National Representatives Council to support the right development concept for Papua. Back to the issue of Indonesia-Australia relation, Read the rest of this entry »

Australia, Indonesia Boost Anti-Terrorism, Security Cooperation

February 8, 2008

Source :

By Ed Johnson

Feb. 7 (Bloomberg) — Australia and Indonesia agreed to strengthen security ties and boost their fight against international terrorism when foreign ministers Stephen Smith and Hassan Wirajuda met in the western city of Perth today.

They renewed a counterterrorism agreement for a further three years and discussed bringing into force the so-called Lombok Treaty signed in 2006, Smith said in an e-mailed statement. The treaty was ratified by the Indonesian Parliament in November. Read the rest of this entry »

Indonesia, Australia say winning against extremists

February 8, 2008

Source : Reuters 

By Rob Taylor

CANBERRA, Feb 7 (Reuters) – Australia and Indonesia said they were making inroads into combating extremists in Southeast Asia, agreeing on Thursday to step up counter-terrorism efforts and extend security pacts between the two neighbours.

Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda and his new Australian counterpart Stephen Smith met in Western Australia to bring into force a 2006 security treaty which clears the way for training between Australian and Indonesian commandos. Read the rest of this entry »

Kevin Rudd to meet Indonesian foreign minister

February 8, 2008


PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd will meet Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda today as both countries herald a new era in bilateral relations.

Dr Wirajuda was in Perth yesterday for talks with Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith on the day a new security agreement took effect. Read the rest of this entry »