This blog has been created to promote and facilitate various steps that Papuan People can contribute to the development of West Papua as their homeland. It is part of a collective effort to change the situation in the forgotten land of West Papua, and to support the peaceful development of Papua in harmony with our brother from all part of Nusantara (Indonesia).

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25 Responses to About

  1. Papua Tribeman says:


    “Hero of the Environment”

    or Hero of Indonesia?

    BARNABAS SUEBU calls himself “Governor of Papua”. He works for the Government of Indonesia which has illegally and brutally occupied my Land, WEST PAPUA, for 45 years.

    Now the American magazine “TIME” has called him a “Hero of the Environment”. They have invited him to London for a “Heroes Awards Ceremony”. They say he is a “hero” because he wants Western countries like Britain and the USA to pay millions of dollars to Indonesia not to cut down the forests which Indonesia stole from us Papuans.

    The Land of Papua never belonged to Indonesia. It is not theirs to sell. Indonesia should not get money for cutting the trees down. Neither should Indonesia get money for not cutting the trees down.

    We don’t want Britain and the USA to give any more money to Indonesia. Jakarta will just hand it over to the TNI [Indonesian military], Brimob [Mobile Police Brigade], BIN [Indonesian Intelligence Agency] and Kopassus [Indonesian Special Forces]. These murderers have already wiped out more than 100,000 Papuan men, women and children. If they have more money, they will only use it to kill, torture, terrorise and imprison even more of our People.

    Mr Suebu’s ancestors are Papuan. He was born a Papuan. But he wears the uniform of the enemy of all Papuans — Indonesia. Suebu is not a hero for us Papuans. He is a hero of Indonesia.

    Mr Suebu says he now cares about our Papuan forests. But why does he stay silent about the suffering of our Papuan PEOPLE? At the same time as he travels to Jakarta, London and other cities around the World, we Papuans are crying in pain for our loved ones murdered and tortured and raped by soldiers of the Indonesian Government whose uniform he is so proud to wear.

    I want to ask this question: Has anyone ever heard Mr Suebu condemning the killing and torturing and intimidation of innocent Papuans by the soldiers and intelligence agents of the Indonesian Government he serves?

    And whilst he is in London receiving his award as a “Hero”, innocent Papuans are shut up in dark prison cells just for believing in freedom for West Papua. Mr Suebu’s Indonesian Government has jailed Filep Karma & Yusak Pakage for 15 & 10 years just because they peacefully raised our West Papuan independence flag.

    I want to ask this question: Has anyone ever heard Mr Suebu calling for the release of Filep & Yusak and all the other political prisoners his Indonesian Government keeps behind prison bars?

    And all this time since he was first appointed Governor by the hated Indonesian dictator Suharto in 1988, Mr Suebu (himself a lawyer) has stayed silent about the illegal and shameful way Indonesia annexed our Land in 1969.

    I want to ask this question: Has anyone ever heard Mr Suebu condemning the so-called “Act of Free Choice” when the Indonesian military stole our Country from us by forcing a thousand of our Papuan elders at gun-point to “vote” to join Indonesia?

    For us Papuans, People & Nature are as ONE. We cannot be separated from our Sacred Land – our forests, our mountains, our rivers, our seas. Mr Suebu says he cares about our forests, but at the same time he does not care about our PEOPLE. He cannot care about the forests, but not care about the People. He cannot separate us from our forests. People and Land and Nature. We are all ONE.

    Now we must ask: why does Mr Suebu stay silent whist the People of West Papua continue to suffer under Indonesian occupation?

    Mr Suebu has been an Indonesian nationalist all his life. Now he proudly wears the white colonial uniform of an Indonesian Governor. For Mr Suebu, protecting the interests and “honour” of NKRI (The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia) is his duty. Telling the truth about 45 blood- soaked years of Indonesian occupation would be against the interests of preserving NKRI. It is therefore his duty as an Indonesian nationalist to stay silent.

    For this reason Mr Suebu is a hero of Indonesia. And for this reason he is not a hero for us, the People of Indonesian-occupied West Papua, whatever any magazine chooses to call him. All people, inside West Papua and all over the World, who stand up for peace, freedom, justice and truth; these people are the TRUE HEROES of West Papua.

  2. Padric Rothach says:

    Dear “Free West Papua”,
    I am a freelance researcher writing a balanced academic paper on constructions of the concept of Freedom in West Papua in relation to Papuan eschatology. I am very interested on your opinions on the concept of Freedom that seems to be moving away from the conservative ethno-nationalist approach of the “separatists”. My problem is that a researcher I am unable to use the website as a source: could you please direct me to a Papuan organisation that is moving towards simillar discursive deconstructions of the concept of freedom

  3. Andy says:

    Dear Mr Rothach,

    All have a right to an opinion and it’s good to see efforts for a balanced outlook, which must of course look into the merits of all the differing points of view.

    I’m sure there have been many dissertations on the concepts of freedom help by the Nazi party and its collaborators, and many more by modern-day sympathizers. Poland might be a good place to start your research, and give a good historical background to alternative concepts of freedom. You might even go further back to the time of, say, Genghis Khan, who I am sure was an expert in such matters.

  4. Adiutama Gentur says:

    Dear my Papuan brothers and sisters,
    Indonesia do love Papua. Indonesia is not like what you think. Just open your mind, brothers and sisters. I know that Papua should get more fund, wealth, joyful, etc. Indonesia struggle for that. I doubt Papua will get better life if Papua is free from Indonesia. Papua’s human resources are not in good quality now. Do you want to be the next Timor Leste???? Timor Leste get free from Indonesia in 2002 and now Timor Leste is one of the poor countries. So many quarrel, wars, and instability there. Save Papua in Indonesia. I will fight for Papua. Papaua should be better places, but not Free Papua. Papua is the heart of Indonesia.

    • Joyce says:

      Indonesians love Papuans and vice versa. One people one soul will never be broken by separatist terrorist acts. I am from Papua New Guinea, my government is suck and corrupt, I wish I could migrate to West Papua or Papua provinces, and I will someday. Although Papua New Guinea is independent and free but it is just a failed state and to much conflict and corruption inside, we better learn from Indonesia democracy. The government of Papua New Guinea doesn’t care about its people. Indonesia’s democracy is our dream and we believe our brothers and sisters in West Papua and Papua couldn’t agree more. The Spiritual connection with the land that the Papuans have is fully understood by most Indonesians because they are one people one soul, Maybe Papua New Guinea should hold a referendum to join Indonesia as one of Indonesia’s province to learn about democracy and economic development.


  5. yakhanu says:

    papua sama seperti maluku,bali,jawa,sumatra,kalimantan…
    tetap indonesia….

  6. Jake Andrews says:


    Having recently visited West Papua on a trip from the US, I am very suprised to read the the reality on this website.

    The vast majority of Papuans I met told me how they dreamed of being free from poverty, poor health condition, and perpetual conflict between Papuan separatist movement versus Indonesian military. They said how the conflict made everybody hurt, everybody lost their rights of abundant resources and many dies for nothing.

    In your experience is this happening, as it appeared to me that this is true and I couldn’t agree with you more.

  7. Mary says:


    Your Blog gives the world the third perspective on West Papua. The first is the territorial integrity principle from Indonesian, the second is independence concept from separatist Papuan. The third is hopefully will be developed from your Blog.

  8. bocahbancar says:

    Hi Papua..

    I’m Bandung civil people..

    Let me know the growth of West Papua..


  9. Jack says:

    Andjing penjajah…siapapun ko punya nama pasti kan mati…, Papua merdeka!

    Bunuh andjing-andjing penjilat Indonesia, apapun caranya…untuk penuhi janji Tuhan untuk tanah damai Papua.

    Papua Merdeka ! Papua Merdeka ! Papua Merdeka !

  10. At Ipenburg says:

    For Padric, You should indeed make some additional research on the liberation movement in West Papua. It is fascinating to see how just ordinary, uneducated people are able to innovate continuously their strategy and struggle under quite exrreme repression.
    A good beginning oould be the book edited by Prof. Charles Farhadian of San Diego University, “Testimony Project Papua: A Collection of Personal Histories in West Papua”. Amazon.com will send it to you when you order it there. The articles written by Dr Neles Tebay in The Jakarta Post are also helpful. Prof. Peter King of the University of Sydney has also published many studies on the subject. If you read Dutch you should read Dirk Vlasblom, Papoea. Een Geschiedenis (Papua. A History). It is mainly based on a unique oral research of the key figures in the struggle for independence since 1962.

  11. Tentara Rakyat says:

    Halo pengelola Blog West Papua Review,

    Kamu punya Blog tembak sana-sini tidak jelas ! Indonesia tidak butuh blog yang ndak jelas arahnya, kalo mau bela Papua Merdeka silahkan saja, kalo mau bela NKRI itu sudah kewajiban.

    Kenapa situ menyamakan OPM sama TNI, padahal itu jauh berbeda…OPM itu teroris yang suka bunuh rakyat Papua dan TNI itu justru yang membela rakyat Papua dari ancaman teror OPM.

    Sadarlah kalau mau nulis yang bener!

    OPM atau kelompok separatis lainnya tidak usah dibela-bela pake HAM segala, bila perlu operasi tumpas habis pemberontak…karena itu adalah hak negara berdaulat…juga demi rakyat Papua sendiri.

    Saya peringatkan !!! kalau pengelola Blog tidak juga sadar untuk membela NKRI, siapapun anda dan apapun latar belakangnya akan kami tumpas sampai ke akar-akarnya.

    Kami telah menyelidiki keberadaan Blog saudara, dan akan menggunakan jalur hukum internasional untuk membungkam omong kosong saudara.

    Sekali lagi…ini peringatan keras untuk saudara!!!

  12. Wandy says:

    Nice blog ! But I think you should update it regularly, GBU.

  13. moses says:

    Hi Anjing ! ko penghianat bangsa Papua !

    Papua Merdeka

  14. Cody says:

    Hey friend,

    just have thought about Indonesia and west papua, nice work.

  15. nibler says:

    Nice Blog…Now I know about West Papua. Thanks.

  16. Ben says:

    Where do I start? the big question about your identity? the question of your honesty? the question of Free West Papua Campaign? or the question of reality…what the f*** is going on in West Papua?

  17. Awom says:

    Go to hell with your bullshit!!!

  18. Sam Hayne says:

    This website is nothing just bunch of non-sense trashy talk, gaining sympathy for the world. Instead, work together build harmony than sharpening differences.. as TNI and Indonesians are trully with all their hearts supporting camp; building the nation to include the land of Papua, you have been right and left spreading hatred.. no wonder they are trying to imprison you.

  19. Tom says:

    Crazy Blog ! We will hunt you down…go to hell with your dream!!!

  20. Sally says:

    Thank you for sharing ideas and information.

  21. Jeff says:

    I agree with most of what is said here.

  22. Lucan says:

    In my opinion you are absolutely right. I suggest it to discuss. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.

  23. Nail Egroby says:

    After proofread a few of the blogposts upon your net place nowadays, as a consequence i really equivalent your class of blogging. i bookmarked it toward my favorites state of affairs roll as a result determination be checking support soon. pls check my web situate since hollow and allow me perceive your thought.

  24. Trident says:

    Hi John,

    Regarding your project on Free West Papua’s violence, we would like to support you. Please send us your pay pal detail. We have collected donation for you. Many thanks. God bless you !

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