Dishonest twitter campaign on West Papua issue — West Papua

July 31, 2020

Dishonest twitter campaign is not something new. Political campaign using twitter platform is massive in every corner of the world. West Papua Blog calls for fact-checking of political campaign by both pro separatist Papua and pro Indonesia after observing so many fake news, disinformation, deceptive opinion, and misleading claims about what happened in… 400 more…

Dishonest twitter campaign on West Papua issue — West Papua

Pluralism, Tolerance and Stability in West Papua

December 7, 2007

Pluralism, tolerance, peace and security in interactions among tribes of Papuans and between Papuans and other ethnic groups is under democratic umbrella. Indonesian is a pluralistic society; that is many differences within one Indonesia. All ethnic groups can live peacefully and interact each other within the spirit of pluralism. It is very similar to the United States society, but there is one big problem of unequal economic distribution. Read the rest of this entry »