Wenda must be arrested

Benny Wenda must be prosecuted, not indulged like a lazy pretender asylum.

Now consider the Proceeds of Crime Act. Wenda led 50 people in a violence attack against a police station and burned down two shops in Papua in December 7th 2000. This has caused, according to evidences, the death of two innocent people.

Read complete article on Papua Story

2 Responses to Wenda must be arrested

  1. Rayman says:

    You enlight us with the story about Wenda. We care and will listen to your story. Waiting for your further research on this matter. cheers !

  2. Jenny G says:

    Benny Wenda is responsible for these deaths?

    I will help you to talk with UK Police to arrest Benny Wenda if only you have the evidence against Wenda. But now, we must treat him as a suspect only and can not judge him as a murderer yet. You have my email address, please contact me, I love Indonesia !

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