Provocative Media Release West Papua 16 April 2009

The Australia West Papua Association (Sydney) releases a provocative statement about increasing tensions in West Papua.

AWPA is calling on the Australian Foreign minister to raise the continuing deteriorating situation in West Papua with the Indonesian President and urge him in particular to control the security forces in West Papua as a way of avoiding further escalation of the situation and avoiding possible bloodshed.

Joe Collins (the agent of provocateur) of AWPA said that recent incidents in West Papua including the ambush on Wednesday the 15 April in which a policeman was killed and six others wounded by an unidentified group in Tingginambut in the Puncak Jaya district of West Papua “may have been instigated by third parties out to distrupt the Presidential election as the Indonesian President’s talk of reform is not welcome by all members of the security forces”.

Info Joe Collins
Mob. 04077 857 97

Joe Collins “the agent” is familiar with the situation in Indonesia. That is why he could easily understand about the potential conflict inside Indonesia. If Joe is a sincere person, he will not provoke the situation by adding more easily burn ammo about the possible bloodsheed. Who are the third parties? Is it Australian intelligence? Is it Wiranto’s loyal followers? Is it Prabowo’s para military groups?

Who is Joe Collins ?

Please inform the world if you know even a little piece of information about the game that Joe Collins plays.

7 Responses to Provocative Media Release West Papua 16 April 2009

  1. Padric says:

    I don’t think Joe Collins is up to anything. It is just that there is an ideological chasm between him and you. For people like Collins, he sees freedom fighters while you see criminals that are no longer relevant that get in the way of progress. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle.
    Mr Collins’ world view would not allow the OPM to act violently or against the interests of the Papuan peopled so it is impossible for him to conceive that the OPM is reponsible for the violence to disrupt the elections.
    I would suggest that Mr Collins would be implying in this press release (it is important to understand how little press notice that AWPA actually gets in Australia) that the TNI is behind the violence. He would suggest that the TNI fear the re-election of SBY hence they wish to disrupt the elections in Papua and then blame it on the OPM, TPN/OPM, TRPB/WPRA lead by Wenda and Tabuni.
    While this argument is highly illogical among external Papuan support groups it will gain much traction mainly due to their own personal commitment to the OPM, so cognitive dissonance will prevail, even when Mathais Wenda has claimed responsibility for some of the violence to disrupt the elections. (It is important to note how few people in AWPA actually speak or read Behasa Indonesia, which must lead to a narrowing of their ability to gain and assess information).
    AWPA does not have the copywrite on cognitive dissonance however as you only have to look at some Indonesian websites discussing Papua. These sites seem to be unable to recognise the history of suffering of the Papuan people since the Indonesian administration took over Papua.
    Perhaps it is better for us not to be quick to judgement on people like Mr Collins, perhaps openness on both sides maybe more constructive.

    • westpapuafree says:

      Thank you Padric, the Timor Leste case is really overshadow my perspective on what is going in West Papua. There are many similarities of the progress and the latest incidents in West Papua.

      I am familiar with the hardliner side of TNI and also the threat to Indonesian democracy. My intention in questioning Collins’ sincerity is based on his radical support to the independence of West Papua. While my ultimate concern is the human rights of ordinary Papuan people and ordinary population migrant people who suffer a lot from the conflict between Papuan separatist and Indonesian hardliner (Military and Police).

      I will try my best to influence Indonesian government to investigate the military hardliners attitude, but who will control the OPM like Wenda and Tabuni who are not smart enough to see that they are being used by Indonesian military hardliners as common enemies.

      If Collins and friends are still provoking the situation without understanding the bigger picture, then he will become a tool of conflict in West Papua.

      At the end of the day, grass roots people suffer and someday in the future more people will get killed because of the conflict. we are all to blame !!!

      If just once you see the blood, you will see that blood is much thicker than ink.

  2. Padric says:

    Hi West Papua Free,
    I think you are right with your comment that blood is much thicker than ink. Many activists in the West (though not all) fail to see the possible ramifications of their actions and the potential for blood shed with the use of provocative words.

    However it is important for Papuans and Indonesians to put AWPA in context. First it is tiny, I mean really tiny, you would have family gatherings bigger than what constitutes the membership of AWPA. Second it has little or no influence in the press and in Australian politics. It does have some support from the Australian Greens but this is also a very small party with little influence.
    Third AWPA has failed to become a movement in Australia unlike the East Timor Movement because it lacks an institutional supporter and it continues to hold extremist views that are unattractive to more mainstream people. Most of the time AWPA talks to itself either on the net or by putting out totally ineffectual press releases that nobody actually reads.
    For these reasons I would suggest that Papuans and other Indonesians should be less concerned about Australian groups like this.

  3. Padric says:

    On an other matter the Timor Leste case should not overshadow your thinking on Papua. First the Papua case is less like Timor Leste and more like Bouganville in PNG. Second in Indonesia there is too much propaganda and not enough studying of the hard historical facts about the Timor case. Lets not forget the carnage and the fact that the President of Indonesia instigated the vote as well as asking others to intervene to end the violence that was instigated by the TNI.

  4. Padric says:

    I just wanted to add this link

    I think this book adequately debunks any Indonesian myths around Australian Government supporting the Independence Movement in Timor Leste

  5. Petty says:


    Propaganda versus propaganda huh, so where is the truth? Listen to your heart and you can feel the intention of any propaganda.


  6. Yusril says:

    TNI in West Papua is very cruel. As a local journalist i got many fact that TPN and all west papua people just want independence. so that violence is another way to struggle. I feel Collin and all network should raise true propaganda. That is about political action. Wenda and Tabuni are fighting for political case.

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