I am saddened and sickened by West Papua separatist supporters

Pheew it’s true.

It’s sick how a bunch of liars can look away from truth and so nonchalantly pass off issues that matter just to maintain the glow of their pretending messiah to save West Papua.

It’s sad how Richard Samuelson and friends claim my blog is so negative and isn’t talking issues whence those ignorant people are just skating and avoiding offering any plan themselves, but creating further conflict among Papuan.

It’s sick that Richard Samuelson and friends can want a win by creating more conflict so bad that they don’t care about what the full outcome is going to be.

It’s sad that important people in the House of Parliament in this day and age can be so blind and gobble up the verbal cum of an ignorant liar like Richard Samuelson in the heart of United Kingdom.

It’s sad that in West Papua case, United Kingdom Democracy is so driven by false information from Richard Samuelson and friends about West Papua.

It’s sick and sad that the International Parliamentarians for West Papua will responsible for the perpetuate conflict between the Papuan separatist and Indonesian military, while ordinary Papuan will suffer even more.

It’s sick how arrogant Richard Samuelson is, pushing me to stop writing in my own blog.

It’s sad someone will undoubtedly comment that it is sad and sick I feel this way.


6 Responses to I am saddened and sickened by West Papua separatist supporters

  1. Brody says:

    I should have known better about West Papua real problem then !!! thanks for sharing your sad and sick feeling. I will tell my friends in Wales.

  2. Nick says:

    I am not so sure with your your opinion. However, I am gonna watch Richard activities in supporting his Papuan friends carefully.

  3. […] disebarluaskan melalui tangan jahat westpapuafree dengan tulisan-tulisan bohong dan jahat seperti fitnah terhadap pendukung kemerdekaan Papua Barat, fitnah terhadap Free West Papua Campaign, serta juga kebohongan tentang International […]

  4. jablul says:

    strongly agree with this opinion. he is the one who keep hiding behind benny wenda’s back. he is the one who organizing all events in the uk for the name of west papua freedom. he is the one who can only live because of benny wenda presence n uk. without benny wenda, he will not be able to live independently, not even with job benefit from his own govt. very sad…

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  6. Meege says:

    Maaaan, you know there is such thing in the web like http://freewestpapua.org if you don’t, go there to understand why freewestpapua is bullshit

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