Who gets to benefit from the high tension in Papua?

Who gets to benefit from the bloody higher tension in Papua and West Papua provinces? Should independent investigation be allowed for upholding justice to its very roots? The issue will be debated in a long process of disclosure, and there is no guarantee that the result could determine whether Indonesian military  and the Papua Freedom Movement will confess their crimes.

What to expect ? I am tired of seeing both sides Indonesian Military and Papua Freedom Movement taking benefits of the conflict. Both sides are very clever and cunning in generating public opinions and defending each position to get more benefits in the future. None of them care about human rights.

Whether the investigation should be transparent under the national law of Indonesia still ongoing process. Indonesian Military is now playing a mystery game by keeping their mouth shut (with the exception of denial from Indonesian Ministry of Defense), while Free Papua Movements in Australia, Vanuatu and United Kingdom are aggressively trying to blame Indonesian Military and request international attention.

The shooting incident of Australian national, Drew Nicholas Grant, holds the following positions:

· High suspicion on Indonesian Military promoted by Free Papua Movement and anti Indonesia activists.

· Low level capacity of Free Papua Army promoted by Free Papua Movement to avoid international accusation.

· Usual suspect of Papuan Rebel announced by Indonesian Police to point finger to Free Papua Movement, so the Police can get more funds.

. Heavy Security operation to pursue Free Papua Army suggested by iddle military in Papua.

. A very slow process of investigation and even the Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights could only voice in a low tone because of its lack of capability to investigate.

My question is, do you think that Mr. Drew Nicholas Grant’s family will ever get justice?

Indonesia as a Nation must have the capacity to conduct robust and credible national-level measurements for justice. In order to achieve it, we must be very careful with the statement from Free Papua Movement and Indonesian Military, I get the feeling that they don’t care about human rights. Instead, they use the issue of human rights to prolong the conflict, so they can maintain the benefit they get from the conflict.

What are the benefits for Indonesian military?

First, more budget/money not only from government but also from private sectors. Second is the justification of heavy operations. Third is hard power over Papua.

What are the benefits for Free Papua Movements such as Free West Papua UK, Australia, and Vanuatu?

First, more donations/money not only from individuals but also from local and international organizations. Second is the justification to request support from foreign countries and then mislead the problem into self determination issue. Third is soft power over the issue of Papua in international fora.

Please stop violence from both sides, Indonesian military and Free Papua Movement.



4 Responses to Who gets to benefit from the high tension in Papua?

  1. Padric says:

    Very good analysis!

  2. Che says:

    I agree with you…100%

  3. helo says:

    it is western interests that get benefit from papua conflict. FOr sure.

  4. helo says:

    it is western interests (Eruope and USA) that get benefit from papua conflict. FOr sure.

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