Policeman Kills Ojek Driver in Bar Brawl

Non-Political News.

The news is not intended for propaganda to disrespect Indonesian Police Corps, but must be highlighted for improvement of Community Policing in West Papua. Please be careful with the clueless opinion from Free Papua linkages who loves to sacrifice West Papuan peoples for personal political benefit.

Why does it happen? I hope justice will lead the way.

Please read it carefully.

A drunk police officer in restive Papua Province allegedly shot a man dead after a brief fight, a local police chief said on Sunday.

Godhelp Mansnembra, the police chief for the district, said that a motorcycle taxi driver, identified as MSS, was shot by a district police officer, identified as EK, after a brawl in a Kadun Jaya village bar.

“Preliminary data shows that both the police officer and the victim were drunk when the incident occurred,” he said.

A witness named Rudy said that EK was drinking alcohol with four friends in the bar, when he suddenly began showing off his police pistol.

The victim, Rudy said, tried to tell the policeman to put his gun away because it may go off and hurt someone. However, EK refused and they became involved in a fight during which the gun went off.

MSS was taken to Mitra Masyarakat Hospital but died shortly afterwards due to blood loss.

Mansnembra said that he was convinced the shooting was an accident and EK had not intended to shoot. However, he said that the policeman had been detained at Mimika Police headquarters.

The suspect will be sanctioned for his lack of discipline and will face a general court. He might be fired as well,” he said

One Response to Policeman Kills Ojek Driver in Bar Brawl

  1. At Ipenburg says:

    Will the suspect of this murder or manslaughter be brought to court or will the case be settled out of court, and will the act of murder of manslaughter be apologized for as “a mistake”.
    What would happen if the victim was a migrant (i.e. a non-Papuan) and the perpetrator a Papuan?

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