Papuans left Australia to ‘avoid crime charge’ ???

November 23, 2008

“They (Papuans) came home by their own will, that’s what I know. Australia has its laws, we have ours. If they were involved in a crime, I think they should be punished. Many Australians have been punished here in Indonesia,” Setyawati said Wednesday.

Indonesian Alfons Adadikam following the instruction of Herman Wainggai tries his best to propagate lies abot Hana Gobay and Yubel Kareni.

Angela Flassy , The Jakarta Post , Jayapura | Fri, 11/21/2008 1:16 PM | The Archipelago

The return home from Australia of two Papuan asylum seekers was due to legal problems arising from the couples ongoing incidence of domestic violence — and nothing else, Alfons Adadikam, chairman of the Melbourne based Victoria West Papua Association (VIWPA) said. He criticized the Indonesian government for using the repatriation for political gain and said the repatriation was for no other reason. Read the rest of this entry »