Benny Wenda Gives empty propaganda talks to Amnesty International in Oxford University

November 18, 2008

Mr Wenda who claimed himself as the great leader of West Papua made another super claim as the voice of 250 tribe.

He said that West Papua is Western Half of the New Guinea Island North of Australia, Home of Birth of paradise, but today home of Military. Indonesia Military & Police committed crime humanity in West Papua, everyday killing, rape, intimidation, torturing, and Imprisonment. He also mentioned that when West Papuan People made a peaceful demonstration, Indonesia Military and Police always came and stopped the demonstrator and arrest them, torture them put them in the prison very long time without any trial. Please check yourself by visiting Papua and you will find the peaceful land of Papua without any condition that Benny has accused in his speech at every corner of the United Kingdom.

Benny the great leader of West Papua is a Liar. He lies with his heart and never really think about the progress in West Papua.

Indonesia is a democratic country, and you have to prove it by seeing it directly with your eyes and not from what Benny has said so.

Why should smart people in UK believe what Benny said without crosscheck to reliable sources and if possible just see it with your own eyes.

West Papuan people need your help to see the situation in reality and not lies.

Here is the photo of UK smart people who listen and believe in a liar talks without crosscheck.