Peaceful Life of Papuan

Indonesia’s foreign minister has defended the government of Indonesia’s policy of restricting access by foreign journalists and human rights monitors to the troubled province of Papua by saying ‘We simply want the people to have a peaceful life.’

Hassan Wirajuda told Australian journalists, ‘You should not think that if not much access is given that we are hiding something.’

The people of West Papua have been the victims of conflict between the brutal OPM and Indonesian Military . They experienced human rights atrocities at the hands of the OPM, political opportunist, and military for 45 years.

Now, Indonesia keep moving forward the democracy path including its military and police. The people of Papua are also walking towards a bright future of peaceful life. However, political opporturnist who advocate for independence now responsible for the maintaining of conflict in Papua and West Papua. Sometimes those opportunist groups are behind the visit of foreign journalist and human rights monitor. But there are also a sincere visit of foreign journalist and human rights monitor, so Indonesian government should be very careful with this issues.

reported by Free West Papua


2 Responses to Peaceful Life of Papuan

  1. The TNI and Polri (especially Brimob) are often accused of abuses. Just last week a Government official, Anton Asse, was dragged out of his car and beaten and tortured, after confusion with a police officer. This man isn’t a separatist, or an OPM member. But he was treated in this way because the police think it is ok to act as they please. And they act this way because no-one will broadcast their actions, and they will not face punishment.

    Allowing impartial journalists and human rights monitors in would make all violent men aware that their actions will be described.

  2. westpapuafree says:

    You get the point George, the violence is not only occur in Papua but also in other places in Indonesia. I agree that Indonesian government should allow impartial journalist and human rights monitors to “decrease” the number of violent men in Indonesia.

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