Koteka is one of our unique traditional protector of male genital. Modern society may see koteka as uncivilised  traditional clothing that should be vanished from the world. However, koteka is one of our identity, at least in the perspective of the development of tribesmen in the land of Papua. We might transform our clothing into modern style, but we would never forget our identity.

Here is a short explanation of koteka:

The koteka, horim, or penis sheath is a phallocrypt or phallocarp traditionally worn by native male inhabitants of some (mainly highland) ethnic groups in Papua Province Indonesia and Papua New Guinea to cover their genitals. They are normally made from a dried out gourd, Lagenaria siceraria, although other species, such as Nepenthes mirabilis, are also used. They are held in place by a small loop of fiber attached to the base of the koteka and placed around the scrotum. There is a secondary loop placed around the chest or abdomen and attached to the main body of the koteka. Men choose kotekas similar to ones worn by other men in their cultural group. For example, Yali men favour a long, thin koteka, which helps hold up the multiple rattan hoops worn around their waist. Men from Tiom wear a double gourd, held up with a strip of cloth, and use the space between the two gourds for carrying small items such as money and tobacco. (wikipedia)



A Yali man proudly shows his unique  penis-gourd. Doubtless, Irian offers the best adventure in Indonesia.

 Three warriors of the Dani ready for a mocked war festival.


7 Responses to Koteka

  1. […] wearing koteka or rumbai-rumbai jerami ala papua to campus will be so frontal, then wear BATIK […]

  2. halllo

    papua maju terus…………….

  3. http://www.oktopogau.wordpress.com

    tolong disertakan dipapua blog,karena kita sama-sama sedang berjuang.

  4. yacobk says:

    nice notes on koteka, may I quote it in my blog?

  5. […] One of the best explanation on koteka in the website is from wikipedia and free west papua. The best short movie about koteka is on you tube […]

  6. Salam bahagia dalam Nama Tuhan kita Yesus Kristu,

    Dalam sebuah isi hati dari anak koteka ini aku hanya ingin menyampaikan sebuah kalimat yakni : SELAMAT BERJUANG DALAM NAMA YESUS SEMOGA SUKSES TUJUAN ANDA, Saat perjuangan janganlah melirik mata MU ke samping kanan dan kiri tetapi matamu pandanglah kedepa sambil mengerjakan.AMIN.

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